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We would like to thank Lauren for all the effort(nightly phone calls and texts, etc.) that she put into selling our home of 35 years. Lauren truly has the skills and expertise that is require to match a specific buyer with a seller, such as ourselves. Donahue Real Estate should be proud that they have such a friendly and knowledgeable agent on their team! We would highly recommend Lauren to anyone interested in either selling or purchasing a home. 

John Ostman and Theresa Taylor January 2, 2021

Lauren did an excellent job as my real estate agent when I hired her to sell my condo unit! I was not optimistic about my chances of getting a good price for it because of the large number of similar units available in my town (Franklin) but she was able to get me a lot more than I expected and she did it very quickly!

What struck me as especially remarkable was her enthusiasm and attentiveness. It's true that there were many similar units available but I attribute the success of my sale to the fact that Lauren was so prepared and took such initiative from the minute I gave her the listing. She planned open houses, she followed up on every detail from dealing with the condo management company to replacing a broken garbage disposal and, most importantly, she responded to inquiries so promptly and knowledgeably that I'm convinced it made the crucial difference between selling for a much lower amount and with much more hassle. 

I've known Lauren for years as a friend, long before she began as a real estate a real estate agent, and these are the same qualities I've always appreciated in her; she works hard and takes pride in doing an excellent job, she is a problem-solver and doesn't back down from challenges, and she has a level of integrity and loyalty that is rare. I would enthusiastically recommend her to anyone looking for a great real estate agent!

Andrew Razza November 13, 2018